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On this page we are talking shipping from china to usa
By more developments in technology and high need of people to a variety of goods, transportation is increased around the world.
WeiLong Logistics offers premium shipping and logistics solutions at  all businesses looking to ship cargo from China to USA.

Our Experience:

Time guarantee
Freight forwarder from China to USA: The transportation flight and operation process using DHL express delivery is controlled between 1-3 days from receipt of goods to flight to the United States (except in special cases). After arriving in the United States, it is dispatched by the US Postal Service. The difference between transportation time and commercial express delivery time is not big. The sino-us special is a line for you to change the location of the goods, to achieve the US domestic delivery service.
Shipping instructions
It is strictly forbidden to deliver air-banned products: such as powder, liquid, drugs, firearms, flammable and explosive materials, and prohibited goods from the US local customs, etc., can deliver electronic products and supporting battery products, and do not accept imitation cards. If there are more than 2 items on the same ticket, the forecast must be filled in by branch. The same declared value is also to be filled in with the same name. The total value of the goods of the same batch in the same batch cannot be filled in.
Shipping to Amazon FBA
WeiLong Logistics offers a dedicated FBA delivery service for rapid and safe delivery of shipments of all sizes. Our services include collecting your cargo from China, labeling and moving through a custom brokerage, and delivering it to Amazon FBA US at the most affordable price.
•Labeling Services
•Packaging Services
•Cargo Inspection
•Product Photography

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